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Customize GL Impact using SuiteGL.

In NetSuite, the SuiteGL let people to customize the general ledger processes to meet some special financial requirements.
The Custom GL Lines Plug-in feature from SuiteGL let the user to add custom GL lines on the transactions.
There are two types of native NS transactions, those transactions that have GL impact are called posting transactions. These transactions post an amount to the ledger accounts On the other hand, those transactions do not have GL impact are called non-posting transactions and they do not post any amount to the ledger accounts.
One can always check the GL impact from a transaction by clicking the GL impact button, as shown below

The GL impact page will shows the amount the current transaction posted to the ledger accounts.
The following picture shows the GL impact from an Invoice:

The sum of Amount(DEBIT) on the GL impact page should always equal to the sum of Amount(CREDIT) for all lines.
In some situations for example, people not always want the amount on Invoice credits to the Revenue Register. In contrast, people want some amount to go to Revenue : Design & Consultantcy Register.
In this case, we can first add a custom GL lines to debit an amount from Revenue Register and then add another custom GL line to credit the same amount to the Revenue : Design & Consultantcy Register, and always make sure that the sum of amount credits equal to the sum of amount debits for all lines.
The following SuiteGL script gives an idea on how to implement this:

We first credit an amount of $150 to Revenue : Design & Consultantcy Register by adding a custom GL line.

var newLine = customLines.addNewLine();
//200 is the internal ID of Revenue : Design & Consultantcy Register

Then we debit the same amount from Revenue Register by adding another custom GL line.

var newLine = customLines.addNewLine();
//56 is the internal ID of Revenue Register

The result of these two custom GL lines will be shown in the GL impact page for each transactions that are deployed, as shown in the screenshot below

We can see there are two custom GL lines added to the GL impact from the Script ZL Test SuiteGL.
Always make sure that the sum of debit amount for each line equal to the sum of credit for each GL line,otherwise the NetSuite will gives an error when you try to save the transaction which the SuiteGL deployed on.


  • Ramez Faheem

    var record = nlapiLoadRecord(‘cashsale’, 1136833);
    var newLine = record.addNewLine();

    I am trying to use this code
    TypeError: Cannot find function addNewLine in object nlobjRecord. (adhoc$-1$debugger.user#2)

    can you help with that