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NetSuite SuiteFlow.

Netsuite Provides the SuiteFlow to customize the system functionality and business process without any scripting needed.
Compared with SuiteScript, it has a similar functionality except the following differences

*For SuiteFlow, user can define the SuiteScript as SuiteFlow Actions, and use them in the SuiteFlow.

Let’s start with creating a simple SuiteFlow for Quote/Estimate Record.
Go to Customization -> Scripting -> Workflows -> New

The First Step is to define the WorkFlow properties:

We set this Workflow deployed on Transaction (Quote), similar to the SuiteScript deployed on a specific Record Type.

Then populate the trigger critias for this Workflow, for SuiteScript, we will need some scripts to check this, but in Workflow user has the ability to set them in the UI.
For our Demo Workflow, we set this to be triggered on a event base (when event meets certain criteria), and the Workflow will be triggered when user “Create”, “View”, or “Update” the Quote, and the “Customer Name” is “Alex Kelly-French”.

You can also create the Workflow Fields, the fields are used only for the purpose of storing temporary data when running the Workflow and will not be stored into the record. To add new Worflow Field, click the “New Field” on the same page:

The Suiteflow contains “Status” and “Transaction”, States is the Box and Transaction are the lines connect each of the states, as shown below:

Our Workflow starts from “State 1”, user can add actions into states, and the actions will do something on the record when the record goes into this state. For example, in our demo Workflow, we make the field “Title” to be mandatory field:

User can also define the transaction between each of the States. The Transaction will bring the Record from one State into another if certain criteria meet. In our demo Workflow, if the amount on the Quote > $1000 and when after the Quote saved into NetSuite Database, the transaction will bring the Record into the second state, which contains other actions will be performed:

The action we defined in this State is just to navigate the page to the list of Opportunities: