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NS SuiteTalk Part 1 – Setup Login to NS Using Web Service.

This article is about the basic setup procedures in NS account and how the external apps login into NS using SuiteTalkⓇ.

The SuiteTalkⓇ uses the SOAP-based web service that allows external applications to access NetSuite data and business processes.

The following codes in this article are using Java.

To get start with SuiteTalk, the first step is enable the Web Service Feature in your NetSuite account. Go to setup -> Company->Enable Features, as shown below:

Then find the SuiteCloud Tab and check the Web Service Box

There are different types of authentications techniques employed by SuiteTalk, and they are mainly divided into two parts: the request level authentication and session level authentication. It is up to the programmer’s choice to use either type of login techniques, but please keep in mind, the session level login is an expensive operation and also need to take consideration of the session management issue. So you just do some simple task with SuiteTalk, for example, update a record field in NS, it is the best choice to use request level authentication.

In this article, we will focus on the session level login using an application ID and User Credential.

After 2015.2 endpoint, all web services request using SuiteTalk must have an integration record.
This record provides an easy way to manage your integration with NetSuite. One can enables or disables a specific connection from outside of NS and check the web service execution log in this record. The picture below shows the Web Service Execution Log for a specific external app:

To create an integration record, please go to Setup -> Integration -> Management Integrations to create an integration record for your Web Service Connection. The Application ID from this integration record will be used later when login to NS.