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Source Custom Field from Saved Search.

Saved Search in NetSuite is a powerful tool. One can create a custom field and use a Saved Search to auto populate the custom field without the help of scripting. Each time the form contains this custom field is displaying, the saved search will run and populate the field with data from saved search.

Today I’m going to demo to use a Saved Search to auto populate a custom field “total amount from related Vendor Bills” on a custom Record.

The Procedure is similar to creating a sublist in a Custom Record, if you are not familiar with creating a sublist in the Custom Records, Please Read my previous article “How to Create a Sublist on a Custom Record” first.

The first step, we need to create a Summary Saved Search with ONE Summary column, Saved Search result from this column will be used to populate that field. In the screenshot, we want sum all the amounts on each Vendor Bills, so we choose the “Amount” as the column and then set the summary type to “Sum”, as shown below:

Don’t forget to add a “Available Filter” and choose a filter with the List/Record type, as shown below:

Then we go back to the Custom Record to create a new custom Field. We Create the custom Field called “Total Expenses”, uncheck the “Store value” check box. In the “Validation & Defaulting” Subtab, in the Search Field, choose the Saved Search we just created, as shown below:

Then if we go back to the Custom Record, we will see that field is auto populating with data from this Summary Saved Search.