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Month: September 2017

How to Prevent User from Editing the Record — Using Client Side Script.

Challenge: Recently I did a customization for one of our customer, they want a Client Side Script that preventing certain fields from editing on the transaction record. The solution looks quite straightforward, using the validate field client side script and return false at the end. The Solution turned out to be incorrect and only works … Continue reading “How to Prevent User from Editing the Record — Using Client Side Script.”

Include Custom Module in NetSuite 2.0 Script.

The challenge: In SuiteScript 1.0, we can put the common use or shared functions into a script file and share it with multiple Script Record by defining this file as the Script Library Files. This increases the code reusability when writing the script, especially when designing a large project with multiple scripts working together. But … Continue reading “Include Custom Module in NetSuite 2.0 Script.”

Overcome saved search each() function limitation

How to overcome the each() function only loops over the first 4000 results for the saved search results in SuiteScript 2.0 Background: It’s quite common to use the search API in the suiteScript to get data from NetSuite database. We can create a search or load the saved search which is predefined in NetSuite. And … Continue reading “Overcome saved search each() function limitation”