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How to implement a custom HTML (with integrated javascript) that uses restlet to get data.

To implement a custom html page in NetSuite you need to go through the following steps: 1) Create an HTML page with integrated javascript code: The code above shows the structure of the HTML page. Here we use AngularJS framework to communicate with the server restlet api. We use $http service to extract JSON data … Continue reading “How to implement a custom HTML (with integrated javascript) that uses restlet to get data.”

How to Create a Sublist on a Custom Record.

The Sublists display relevant data as the list view on the record.If you are working with NetSuite, you must quite familiar with this.For example, on the Sales Order Record, the Item Sublist lists all the items on this Sales Order to be sold to the customer, and on Invoice Record, the Accounting Books Sublist contains … Continue reading “How to Create a Sublist on a Custom Record.”

Customize GL Impact using SuiteGL.

In NetSuite, the SuiteGL let people to customize the general ledger processes to meet some special financial requirements. The Custom GL Lines Plug-in feature from SuiteGL let the user to add custom GL lines on the transactions. There are two types of native NS transactions, those transactions that have GL impact are called posting transactions. … Continue reading “Customize GL Impact using SuiteGL.”

How to close Work Orders on the Sales Order when SO is closed using SuiteScripts.

There is a native button on the sales order that can close the SO. As shown below: If the Sales Order is closed, the user can fetch field values from the Sales Order but cannot make any changes on the Sales Order. In some cases, the user want to also closed the WO on the … Continue reading “How to close Work Orders on the Sales Order when SO is closed using SuiteScripts.”

Advanced Search Using Expressions in SuiteScript.

Saved Search in NetSuite is a powerful feature. In the UI, one can build a saved search using expressions. To do this, check the “USE EXPRESSIONS” box. In the picture, the searching criteria is “Account is A/D Furniture&Fixtures” OR “ Amount is less than 1”. In SuiteScript, we can build the same search that using … Continue reading “Advanced Search Using Expressions in SuiteScript.”

Advanced PDF using NetSuite.

Advanced PDF templates allow the user to customize the transaction PDF templates that will be used to generate and send to customers. With this feature, the user can make their own style and add the required information on the PDF of transactions. To access this feature, please go to the Customization -> Forms -> Advanced … Continue reading “Advanced PDF using NetSuite.”

SuiteScript Metering Governance Issue & Recommendations.

SuiteScript Metering/Governance Issue NetSuite implements a concept of SuiteScript governance to optimize the application performance and the response time. Each API has its time unit consumption and each type of SuiteScript has their own time unit limitation. For the user event script, client side script, and the SuiteLet, they have a maximum of 1000 time … Continue reading “SuiteScript Metering Governance Issue & Recommendations.”

How to Generate a Pop up Warning In NetSuite.

How to Generate a Pop up Warning In NetSuite This article is relevant when you are looking to have an alert pop-up when some conditions meet on save of the Netsuite record. Background There are different trigger types of Client side scripts that we can add the alert. For example, if you want pop up … Continue reading “How to Generate a Pop up Warning In NetSuite.”