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netsuite and aecc partnership

Benefits of AE Cloud Consultants

AECC will help your business run faster and more efficiently by building automations,
customizations and integrations that will better fit your business needs.

Increase productivity


  • Improve sales processes

  • Improve employee utilizations

  • Better business visibility

  • Monitor employee progress

  • Analyze business performance
Reduce Costs

IT Cost

  • Automated processes

  • Simple maintenance

  • Standard operational processes
Real Time Data

Access real
time Data

  • Tracks costs

  • Improves analysis and reporting
Customer Support

Customer Support

  • Improve customer service

  • Monitor employee progress

  • Improve turnaround time
Complex Integration
  • Netsuite NETSUITE
  • Boomi Boomi
  • Informatica Informatica
  • Coupa COUPA

Complex Integration made simple

AECC is able to meet your requirements either by building a custom integration solution or utilizing a 3rd party ETL software.

  • NetSuite - WebServices WSDL: AECC can simplify your integration projects to use webservices in NetSuite.
    This enables data to connect and integrate between NetSuite and other systems. This connection can be either uni-directional or bi-directional.
  • ODBC: NetSuite integration with ODBC. ODBC allows you to generate large reports or access data from NetSuite quickly.
    Note: Suite Analytics must be enabled in your NetSuite account.
  • 3rd party ETL tool: AECC can integrate Netsuite with EDI tools like Boomi and Informatica. Solution architects will always use best practices when integrating NetSuite to other systems.
  • COUPA: Customize and optimize SaaS products that manage indirect purchases, invoices, and expenses; all in real-time.
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Customize all of your web needs

AECC can deliver any type of customization that fits your business needs.

  • AECC guarantees your business will be provided with the best practices and recommendations based on the project requirements.
  • Whether you want to produce a basic customization or complex solution, AECC will help your ideas come to life through individual design.
  • At AE Cloud Consultants, we believe in modern and unique web solutions for your online appearance.
  • Expert programing skills including but not limited to : Javascript, Java, PHP, MYSQL, .net , C# and more.
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AECC Line Item


AECC Magento
Netsuite Connector


Complex Integration

Custom Pre Built Solutions

Our prebuilt solutions are ready to be deployed in your NetSuite account.

  • AECC LINE ITEM DISCOUNT: This feature allows you to apply discounts on any line level instead of using NS discount Item. This allows discounts per line, instead of whole discounts on your order.
  • AECC NETSUITE-STRIPE(™) CONNECTOR: With Stripe, your business can send payment requests and credit card authorizations.
  • AECC NETSUITE-PAYPAL(™) INTEGRATION TO AUTO INVOICE: As part of AECC's customized solutions, your business can send and automate invoices from NetSuite to your customers using PayPal.
  • AECC MAGENTO NETSUITE CONNECTOR: This feature will sync your data between NetSuite and Magento. With the Magento NetSuite connector, your business will be able to automate Cron jobs to keep your store and NetSuite up to date.
    This solution includes:
    Bi-directional real time syncing between Magento and NetSuite
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